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Mount Kenya Climbing Routes: Climbing Mt Kenya Route, Sirimon Route, Naromoru Route, Chogoria, Route: Mt Kenya

Climbing Mt Kenya Route, Mount Kenya Climbing Routes: - Sirimon Route, Narumoru Route, Chogoria, Route:

To get to Narumoru park entryway from Nairobi it is fitting to leave by 8:00am. Take after the Thika double carriage approach to Karatina. From here around 40Km turn comfortable turning for Narumoru River Lodge. Take after the street to Narumoru Town. Toward the end of town is the police headquarters and the transforming into the murram street for Narumoru River Lodge. Here go right into another murram street which drives the base of the mountain (Park Gate). There is typically a board to show the turning. The Mt.Kenya Porters & Guides are likewise situated on this street.

The Narumoru Route is right now the most mainstream of the considerable number of courses which pave the way to the crest regions. It is the steepest and the speediest far up the mountain however this might be a noteworthy difficulty to climbers helpless against AMS. The climb up to Point Lenana and plummet of this course can be proficient inside of length of time of four days or three days.  

Climbing Mount Kenya main peaks

On the main day it is fitting to stroll from the Park Gate to Met Station Bandas to adjust to the atmosphere and the height. Guarantee a lot of admissions of water. This is a somewhat soak climb particularly the initial few slopes after which it starts to level off. Parties regularly do take a long rest at Percival Bridge; somewhere in the range of three hours stroll from the Park Gate. From Percival Bridge Met Station is only two hours stroll on genuinely soak slants. A decent sign of Met Station is the two wide corners with scattered rocks and stones along the edges and a truly awful engine way. A night is ordinarily spent here for further acclimatization and resting. On the second day climbers regularly start to stroll by no less than nine in the morning as it is the longest and the hardest day. On this days climb gaiters or plastic packs are to be put on for the lowland. The main part of the ascension is genuinely simple. This is the ascend to Radio Mast, which ordinarily takes 60 minutes. From here the trip steepen's and it takes one more hour or two to achieve the swamp clearing. From here to the Picnic Point is typically a tiring however delicate move of three to four hours. Gatherings can rest here and have a nibble under the asylum of the precipice. One more hours walk drives you to the Teleki Valley and in the region of the crest zones. the walk is currently an energetic plummet of the valley up to the stream intersection and takes close to one to two hours. From here the territory is totally level and in an additional thirty minutes you are close to 200m from Mackinders Camp which is achieved soon after a tiring steep slope climbing. A night is typically spent here acclimatizing. It is exceptionally astute to have an early night as the following day you need to wake up at two in the morning to endeavor the move of Point Lenana.

In the obscurity of the morning it regularly takes a hour to achieve the base of the precarious scree. To rise the scree it takes three hours of extremely tiring climbing and full breaths. It is at this stage where most climbers experience hypoxia and height related infirmities. There is regularly a noteworthy rest at Austrian Hut and inside one more hour Point Lenana is come to. Ordinarily most aides plan the ascension such that you achieve the summit of Point Lenana before dawn as there is more footing. The landscape offered at nightfall is simply heavenly and the sanctuary on the Chogoria Route is unmistakable from here. The drop is entirely simple and consideration ought to be taken particularly when endeavoring to plummet the scree. Plunge from Point Lenana to Mackinders Camp is close to three hours. At Mackinders there is a rest and breakfast. It is presently that you begin to rise go down to an elevation of 4200m up the Teleki Valley and back to Met Station through the Camel Rocks. In the event that fortunes is on your side the perspective of the tops is magnificent from the main reference point at 4200m imprint. Regularly this walk is extremely agreeable and takes close to four to five hours. A few gatherings go the distance down to Park Gate on this day however parties do have a tendency to spend an additional night at Met Station and slip the next day.

The peak of Mount Kenya just at the sunrise over the mountain proves to be the most breathtaking scene for Mount Kenya Climbing Expeditions group  tour
The beautiful Mount Kenya summit at sunrise
Parties wishing to go to Two-Tarn cottage need to climb askew up the white scree behind the officer's cabin. This walk is entirely steep and does regularly take two hours. The perspective from Two-Tarn Hut is likewise delightful with the Emerald Tarn in the region; rive minutes stroll to one side of the hovel. Just before the Park Gate there is the Mt.Kenya Guides and Porters affiliation where aides, doormen and hardware for contract can be accomplished. At the base is likewise the world acclaimed preparing organization of the National Outdoor and Leadership School (NOLS) which does likewise sort out trips for customers.

Route reviews:
Different courses on the mountain incorporate  Sirimon route, Burguret route, Timau route,  Meru route, Chogoria route, and Kamweti route. Despite the fact that there have been endeavors to grow new courses up to the top territories there have been no especially prevalent courses. Of all, Chogoria Route is the most beautiful, longest and the hardest of the considerable number of courses. The other more prevalent course is the Sirimon Route, which is additionally entirely simple climbing contrasted with the Narumoru route offered by Mount Kenya Climbing Expeditions.

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