Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kenya safari - African safari and beach vacations in Kenya

Going on Kenya Safari and an African Safari brings up images of wild animals in their natural habitat, exotic African scenery, a hint of danger and adventure and wonderful opportunities for photographers. Traveling to Africa on safari is still an unusual choice but one many people would like to enjoy and want to talk about with those who have been, sharing in their memories.

In Kenya you can mix the idyllic experience of a tropical beach vacation on the warm Indian Ocean with an East African wild animal safari expedition. Combining the two makes for a unique holiday. Part of your vacation is filled with excitement as you observe African wildlife at close quarters, while part is spent relaxing and soaking up the sun on a sandy beach.

A beach and safari break in Kenya is an exotic getaway from the daily routines of city life. It also makes for the ideal honeymoon for newly weds, with time to relax as well as a touch of adventure.

East Africa, including Kenya, does not yet have a high profile as a holiday destination in America, but is growing in reputation as a unique vacation experience. Europeans, and the British in particular, have less distance to travel to Africa, and have been been the mainstay of Kenyan tourism, attracted by the unique mix of the tropical beach and African safari vacation. Luxury vacations have become more affordable as European currencies have strengthened, prompting investment in Kenyan tourist facilities.

Kenya enjoys a near perfect year-round climate for vacationers. There is an annual rainy season between May and July each year, but the rains come in short tropical bursts that should not detract from the enjoyment of your Kenya holiday.

There is a lot to do in Kenya. By combining an exciting African safari adventure with a relaxing and secure tropical beach resort vacation, visitors can experience a unique holiday that is distinctive to Kenya.

Most of the Kenyan beach resorts and hotels are located about an hour’s drive from Mombasa Airport. They offer sandy beaches and swimming in the warm Indian Ocean. There is a choice of accommodation for all pockets, from budget hotels to top level luxury five star resorts.

There are a wide variety of safari options to choose from. A night or two away on safari in the Tsavo National Parks may meet all your wildlife viewing expectations without having to travel very far from your beach resort. This can be just a simple safari adventure, or you can choose various added features and luxuries.

Traveling further to Nairobi, you can experience your safari in the Masai Mara Game Reserve. Luxury facilities and safari themed accommodation in a 4-5 night expedition will more than complement a luxury beach resort vacation on the coast. You can choose other options as you wish.

Whatever safari tour you choose is sure to be a memorable experience. You may see more varied wildlife in the Masai Mara, but there is an abundance of animals in both parks that will ensure your visit is eventful and thrilling. You will be guided by safari experts who will make sure you enjoy your visit, and keep you safe as you view the animals close up.

A beach safari holiday on an African safari vacation in Kenya is an exciting choice, with options available to suit both travelers on a budget and those seeking a luxury experience.

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