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Kenya and Tanzania Family Safari: Kenya family safari Kenya family safari

Kenya family safari Kenya family safari
Many people equate safari with East Africa. And to be fair, the term safari means “to travel” in Swahili. Think massive herds of animals, Masai warriors and wide open plains and an experience of a lifetime.

Of the two countries (Kenya and Tanzania), Kenya is definitely tops for family safaries. Tanzania is better for bigger children who don’t mind having their own room.

Many of the hotels in Kenya offer family rooms and many have superb kids programs. Here your children will learn to jump like a Masaai, track animals and even visit a local Maasai village and a Maasai school.

Kenya is a large country and the different game reserves and beach resorts are far apart. Getting around is either by minibus with a private driver or by air. The two can be combined as well, which works very nicely.

If you are on a budget then having a driver and vehicle in Kenya and Tanzania works well. The drivers do know the area very well, but they don’t tend to act as guides and often they struggle with English. If you particularly want a guide with you, then you should request that when you book. The drivers are well presented and reliable and know all the best places to stop and sightsee.

Be aware though that you are looking at between 3 and 5 hours in a car, so small kids may get bored. And the roads can be bumpy. Especially the road from Nairobi to the Masai Mara is like driving over a griddle pan.

The vehicles used in Kenya and Tanzania are mini buses, landcruisers and landrovers that seat 7 people, with a pop up roof for looking at the animals, wildlife and landscape photography and touring.

Flying around saves a lot of time and there are flights between all of the major attractions and parks.

Great things to add to your family safari in Kenya are the animal orphanage and the giraffe centre. It is a lot of fun for the while family to have a giraffe lick your hand while you feed it!

At the Carnivore restaurant you can eat interesting and unusual meat like zebra or crocodile. Certainly something to brag about in school!!

In the Masai Mara, family safari’s are taken very seriously. Kids learn to throw spears, make camp fires and traditional dancing.

End off your holiday with a few days on the beach in Mombassa where families can enjoy swimming, snorkelling, table tennis, diving, volley ball and much much more.

Make sure to book your trip to East Africa through a reputable operator though, it isn’t a place to get stuck without arrangements confirmed.

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